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Server VIP Rules

on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:21 pm


1. General VIP Rules - While wearing your VIP tag you are completely OOC and must abide by all server rules regardless. While they are more relax in regarding you, the player, you will not be allowed to interrupt roleplay or the general operation of the server as a whole. Violating this rule usually will result in a jail. Cases and the severity vary.

2. Vehicle Rules -
To use a VIP vehicle you must be wearing your VIP tag. (Tags appear purple to other players)
As stated above, you must not interrupt roleplay or the general operation of the server with your vehicle.
Do not drive through active roleplay scenes, including scenes involving public services (police, fire, ems), or other civilians (RR or other players).
VIP vehicles should be returned to the VIP HQ or a safe place for them to re-spawn automatically.
Violating these rules will result in a jail sentence or possible warning on your account.

3. Conduct in VIP Chat -
All players should be respectful while conducting themselves in /v. The rules are lax, as it's a suppose to be a fun chat for our very appreciated VIPs, but please maintain respect between people.
Server flaming of players, staff, or the server itself is strictly prohibited.
Metagaming is not permitted within VIP chat, or in other words, don't break general server rules in /v.

Violating these rules will result in a mute from VIP chat, VIP suspension or long jail sentence to a warning on your account.


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